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ISO 13485

IQC The ISO Pros of Fairfax, Virginia (VA) offers the external and internal assurance of consumer procedures’ inspection, appraisal, and compliance, as well as increasing the confidence required to meet relevant regulatory requirements. The aim of this specification is to ensure that after the introduction of this standard, there will be consistent development, reliability, time, and cost savings.

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Organizations involved in one or more stages of the pharmaceutical development chain, including design and processing, that are related to the manufacture, storage/distribution, sale, or service of medical goods benefit from the skills of our trained quality management personnel.

While IQC The ISO Pros of Virginia in Fairfax (VA) is dedicated to developing a safer world, ISO 13485 encourages the removal of unintended hazards and improves the control of these hazards in order to achieve the company’s full objectives. This improvement not only boosts the company’s and its clients’ reputation but also offers a practical and effective means of illustrating compliance with regulatory requirements.


AS9101, Audit Requirements for Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense Companies, Quality Management Systems, is a tool utilized by the compliance department to describe the evaluation report that must be issued following each audit, certification, or recertification. This procedure provides a summary of all the AS9100 clauses that are reviewed as part of the audit, as well as a scoring system to evaluate the success of the QMS systems and procedures during the audit. AS9101 Rev F (as opposed to AS9100 Rev D) is the most recent upgrade, however, AS9101 Rev E is also used with unrevised QMS audits (until September 15, 2018).

This degree is important since any company that is AS9100 certified is included in the International Aerospace Quality Community (IAQC) Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database. This index includes the score determined by assessing the AS9101 checklist, which helps consumers to compare the efficacy of their supplier’s AS9100 execution.


AS9102 First Article Inspection (FAI) is a method used to manufacture a part that satisfies the specifications intended to verify the manufacturing process. In the aerospace and defense sectors of the United States, most companies use AS9102 for first item scans. Controls are commonly employed by certain organizations to verify their production systems, but their type differs based on the company and where they are introduced.

The SAE needs AS9102 before it can rule the first articles in the Americas (written by the International Aerospace Standard Community, IAQG). The AS9102 standard defines first article inspection as “a planned, complete, autonomous, and recorded inspection and verification method to ensure that the prescribed construction processes produced an item that complies with the engineering drawings, DPD, planning, purchase order, engineering specifications, and/or other applicable design documents” (Ref 9102 Rev B, Sec 3.10.) ‘Forms and packages of component quantity, subassembly or assembly papers, including relevant FAI details, as described in this standard,’ according to the journal’s first inspection report (Ref 9102 Rev B, Sec 3.11.)

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